Awesome cover design by Futura Design.

Fabulous cover by Futura Design.

What would you do if the ghost of a WWII bomber boy emerged from the flames demanding that you help him complete his final mission?

Based on a stash of World War II images, ephemera, and a diary discovered in the hayloft of a horse barn, this compelling novel is now available through your local bookseller (Mostly Books carries signed copies), Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

TheTailGunner-Sample Chapters


Magazine Articles & Stories

Soundings Literary Magazine: “Ernest Oglby Punkweiler and the Fabulous Miraculous Time Intrusionator” 2012. This story became the basis for a children’s exhibit (May 2014 – April 2015) at the Washington State History Museum that featured the work of numerous children’s book illustrators such as the fabulous Mike Cressy and Richard Jesse Watson.

Bacopa Literary Magazine: “Roadmap Hands” 2011. A nonfiction story based on my mother’s struggle with memory loss.

Columbia Kids: “Collections Conundrum” series featuring an Egyptian mummy, a Mount Rainier painting by James Everett Stuart, Circus Posters, and a statue of Sleeping Ariadne.

Calliope Magazine, “What’s in a Name?” 2005. Special issue featuring the J. Paul Getty Villa and the antiquities collection.

Museum News, “Solving the History Mystery” 2002. M Notes, November-December issue.

Columbia Magazine: “Two Views, Two Voices: The Photography of Edward and Asahel Curtis.”


Museum Publications

Ernest Oglby Punkweiler and the Fabulous-Miraculous Time Intrusionator, a special edition kids’ book to accompany exhibit.

History Lab To Go!, 2001

WSHM Field Guide to the Hall of Washington History, 1996



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