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The “Bomber Boys” Exhibit is on the Move!


A tremendous thanks to the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, Arizona, for hosting “Bomber Boys: Portraits From the Front.” It was a delight to have the show there, especially for the 57th Bomb Wing Reunion and official ribbon cutting by veterans who flew during World War II.

Bomber Boys will head to Colorado next, opening at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum in Denver on February 4, 2017. Know a bomber boy who lives in the Denver area? Please let me know as there’s a Community section in the exhibit designed specifically to highlight bomber boys in each region. In fact, I was just contacted by the family of Max Baker, a gunner and bombardier who served with the 445th Bomb Squadron of the 321st Bomb Group—the same squadron featured in “Bomber Boys.” We’ll be adding a file for him in the Memory Files section of the show, as well as using his photo to try to identify him in our large pile of “unknown airmen.”

While few of these men came from Colorado, many of them went to gunnery school at Fort Lowry. This envelope gave me the clue I needed to determine that my dad did, indeed, do his gunnery training at Fort Lowry.


Keith B. Lile did his gunnery training at Lowry Field in Colorado. It was his first stop after Basic Training, but wouldn’t be his last.

Interested in learning about the exhibit and its backstory? Check out my Mission 31 Blog Series and the “Bomber Boys” page. This exhibit is scheduled to travel through 2020, the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Many venues require sponsors to be able to host traveling exhibits, so if you’d like to see this exhibit in your local museum, consider being a sponsor. Contact me for details.

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  1. Joan

    Schtephanopoulos, I am so happy for you and proud for your passion, patience and perseverance!!! I’m behind you all the way…Love, Joan

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