This site is Command Central for the work and life of Stephanie Lile, writer, teacher, exhibit developer, researcher, ventriloquist (well, metaphorically), open space advocate, art lover, museum educator, history geek, and objectologist of world renown.

Curious is as curious does…and yes, I’m just as curious about objects, plants, planets, and all varieties of mysterious and artful things as my friend Ernest Oglby Punkweiler. I’m so curious that I’ve managed to earn three degrees of the letter variety.

My amazing nephew and I "on the case."

My amazing nephew and I “on the case” at the old Olympic Candy Company.

    BA in History and Journalism from The Evergreen State College

(funny how a person who grew up hating history in school became immersed in it…I suppose I thought I could teach it better)

    MA in Education from University of Washington Tacoma

(I was curious about how people learn…still am)

    MFA in Creative Writing from the NW Institute of Literary Arts

(because in contrast to scientific thought, the world–and everything in it–began with a word)

My curiosity about people, places, and things has led me on a fantastic journey. My stories and projects are for kids and grown-ups, focusing on topics that intertwine history, health, and the power of the planet.

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