Little Carts for Mini-Horses


My eldest sister was an avid fan of miniature horse and mini-mules. She bred and raised them. She trained and showed them years ago. Now, as part of her estate, we are offering her collection of carts and harnesses to good homes for reasonable rates. Please see the picture gallery below and contact me via email or phone if you are interested in purchasing a cart or harness.

The Houghton Show Cart for Miniature Horse w/ cover – $2500.00

Shafts 48″ long.

A lovely Meadowbrook-style Amish-made cart for small pony or miniature horse – $1100.00

Shafts 60″ long.

Training Cart #1 in great condition – $500.00

Training Cart #2 that was barely used – $750.00

Training Cart #3 also in great condition – $500.00

Training Cart #4 with Seat in Need of Repair – $250.00

Harness is available too, used but in good condition.

Harness: $100 for miniature horse, $150 for pony, $200 for horse, $75 for incomplete sets.

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