From the notebook of Charles Dellaschau

An airship from the long lost notebooks of Charles Dellschau, circa 1899.

Like an air machine slowly propelling up to speed, The Stephisphere is whirling and swirling into being. As the new blog of writer, educator, exhibit developer, researcher, and infonaut Stephanie Lile, entries here will take you on a journey into unexpected worlds.

Life here is mostly “uncatagorized” because a million moments in life are uncategorizable. But you’ll also enter the minds and hearts of a WWII tail gunner and an objectologist of metaphorical repute. You’ll discover museum education tips and tricks, and you’re also likely to get op-ed blowouts on random topics of community concern.

So buckle up and join me in The Stephisphere. We’re never sure where we’re going or what we’ll find…

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